Standard wire haired Dachshunds (Teckels)

 The Teckels from Vom Branche kennel are registered with Deutscher Teckelklub 1888 e.V. (DTK) which is the German Teckel Club with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). My dogs are mainly from Germany that is the country of origin of the breed and they have strict rules for breeding. They breed to preserve the dachshund's hunting heritage, to promote their usefulness in the field and to support the breeding of dachshunds with sound bodies and stable temperaments.
I do not ship my dogs and they cannot be used for breeding.
Limited registration will be provided and a non breeding contract will have to be signed.

You are welcome to come and visit just call at 819-679-2038

Standard wire haired Dachshund ( Teckel ) 


Vom Branche puppies are born and live in the house until the leave for their new family; they are very well socialized with adults, children, dogs and all kinds of noises.

By the time they leave they sleep in their crate at night and don’t cry, they are also use to travel in vehicle, and they have been introduce to tracking.

Over the years...

First trip to Germany to get a male and female standard wire haired teckel s from different breeders

Importation from Italy of Carmelita a young 3 months old pup

Carmelita become CKC’ FCC Champion and Get Best in Show (BIS) at North American Teckel Club (NATC). His brother from same sir and dam from a previous litter finish 5 th at the World Teckel Championship

Carmelita finishes top 6 in her breed at the CKC.

Second trip to Germany to get new sir (Québec Aus Der Preussenmeute ) and dam (Hamburg Vom Ringshof FCI) Both of them have excellent hunting multiple titles in there pedigrees Schwhk, Schwhk40, SchwhN.

Hamburg in her first year in the ring finish top 4 for the puppy in her breed at CKC

Hamburg finishes top 5 in her breed at CKC and is a Grand Champion (GCH)

GCH Hamburg vom Ringshof FCI: BIS NATC, Schwhk, Wa.T., BPH-3, (V)
GCH Québec aus der Preusssenmeute top 8 in their breed at CKC

I attended the World Union Teckel (WUT) annual meeting in Göding Austria. For the same trip bring another male puppy from Germany: Keep on Tracking von Schloss Rosenau » aka Kiddio. Kiddio from both parent got an exceptional hunting lines. CH Carmelita BIS au NATC

GCH Vom Branche Bed of Roses SW : top 8 in her breed at CKC

CH Blood tracking vom Branche aka Tercel from my kennel gets BIS au NATC at only 9 months old

Hamburg gets her tracking title of UBT II en Georgie, USA
Kiddio and Blood Tracking vom Branche aka Tercel CKC Champions

Attend the WUT in Malaga Spain, as the president of North American Teckel Club. The NATC NATC is a full member of the WUT for the last 17 years it represents the FCI standard #148 for Teckel in the USA and in Canada. It holds conformation shows and hunting tests following DTK/FCI rules with DTK/FCI judges and all results are officially entered and recorded in the DTK breed books. NATC breeders follow the strict breeding regulations of the DTK. NATC litters receive DTK/FCI pedigrees.

May: trip to Germany to get 2 pups Harvest Moon et Heat of Gold vom Butzer Berg. Both puppies show exceptional tracking skills.


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