The females are from European hunting lines very affectionate, well balance, perseverant, big bones chosen for their blood tracking capacities.

All are PRA, NCL, OI free

You are welcome to me them come and visit just call 819-679-2038

CH. Carmélita (V)

Born May fisrt 2011, imported from Italy.
She as a very nice conformation and good nose
Her father is Mirto Della Val Vezzeno, European Champion in hunting and beauty .
CH Carmelita finish top 6 conformation CKC dog in a breed in 202 with very limited entries


GCH Hamburg vom Ringshof FCI (V)

Born 2012/03/27, imported from Germany , she is an Excellent bitch for traclikng and comes from grest working line and conformation.
GCH Hamburg vom Ringshof FCI is very passionate about tracking.
In 2012 in conformation, finish top 4ième place for Standard wire haired puppy in Canada
in 2013 finish top 5 in her breed in CKC, an received her titre for GRANDE CHAMPION
In 2014 at NATC, BIS and best tracking dog at the event.
In 2015 at NATC  got second for blood tracking test.
In 2016 at UBT (United Blood Trackers) in Georgia, USA received her UBT II in blood tracking test



Born at the kennel on April 9th, 2013 de GCH Québec Aus Der Preussenmeute X CH Carmélita.
Atending her first show for conformation at CKC she got BBIS at 4,5 months old
She got BBIS at the CKC at the Club Canin de l'Estrie and at The UKC show in Montreal at 5 months old


CH Blood Tracking vom Branche aka " Tercel " (V)

Female born at the kennel  2015/08/29 daughter of GCH Québec X CH Carmélita, at 9 moinths old she got BIS at the NATC conformation show in 2016 .
In her fisrt season in blood tracking she recovered 6/9 ( deer and moose) she was not even a year old


CH Autumn-Branche vom Mountain Creek's aka "Margaux" (V)

Daughter of GCH Québec aus der Preussenmeute (Germany) X Yedra De Los Madronos (Spain).
at the NATC made a lot of head turn, very solid, beautiful bitch with and excellent nose 


 Harvest Moon vom Butzer Berg aka " Moon ": 

Born on 2017/03/27 born in Germany,excellente pedigrees of hunting lines 
She is very impressive in training with senting shoes with lines aged up to 24 hours


This is the video of her in training at the age of 3 months old in tall grass on her 4 training line

Europa vom Branche
Born July 10th, 2017 out for German stud Troll von Velbert and Italien mother Carmelita


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