Standard Wire Haired Working Teckel

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Certified dachshund breeds by Germny
Certified DTK teckel breeder

      Vom Branche kennel is certified by Germany as a breeder of Standard Wire Haired Teckel by the DTK, the only one in Canada, located in Maricourt, Quebec, Canada, just one hour drive from the Vermont border. 


      We are ethical breeder and we want to preserve the breed for what is was bred for, a versatile hunting dog on or under ground. We are careful with our clients selection and we want to assure the dogs will be well taken for.


We have many repeat customers, some have 2 dogs from vom Branche even 3 dogs since they love our Wire Haired Teckel so much, for their working qualities and great family members.


Vom Branche breeds for QUALITY not quantity. We LOVE our Teckels and we are not breeding at every heat cycles of the females like so many so called "breeders" do.


     Vom Branche traveled in 2009 to Germany to get the first 2 teckels to start the kennel, since then several trips have been made to get additional German DTK Wire Haired Teckels with excellent hunting lines, to produce quality puppies. We breed for temperament, health, hunting qualities, and FCI conformation.


FCI conformation is the European anatomy is not what you are use to see with CKC or AKC breeders. The CKC & AKC dachshunds have VERY short legs, VERY long bodies, often very long necks, they don't have the hunting drive or the physical capacity like the FCI Teckels have, specially the German lines.


        Puppies are born and raised in the house until they go to their new home. At 3 days old we start neurological stimulation (ENS), which involves applying gentle stressors to the babies for a short period of time. ENS improves the puppies' cardio performance, have stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands,  are more tolerant to stress, and it improves their resistance to diseases. The puppies also get Early Scent Introduction (ESI) stimulation during that same period of time. 


The litters are inspected by the DTK Breed Warden around 8 weeks old of age. The breed warden comes from the USA to make sure the puppies are well kept,in good health, each of the pups are inspected for: microchip, their teeth (need scissor bite, will take note if a tooth is missing), if there is kinked tail, if there is bump along the spine, if males have their 2 testiculs, make sure there is no ombilical hernia, will collect DNA that will be sent to DTK in Germany etc.

The breed warden after inspection will make a full report to the DTK and ask them for pups' German registration.


     Before leaving for their new homes puppies are crate trained, and will sleep through the night without crying and with no accidents. The pups also receive a tracking base in Blood Tracking. Vom Branche is there to give their clients advise or help for the life of their dog if needed.

Now with technology, it is very easy to coach a tracker and his or her dog with Facetime, video messenger or a phone call away.