Standard Wire Haired Working Teckel

Blood Tracking Dogs
Wire haired puppy

Blood Tracking Dogs: are dogs that have been educated to find wounded big games: deer, moose, and bear even other animals which need to be found.

The European lines of Teckels already have it in their genetics they were bred for hunting. They have been used from generations to find big games.

The expression “Blood tracking” is used to recover big games, the dog doesn’t need blood to track. To do recovery the dog will pick up the smell or combinations of smells from the hoof, hair, glands, etc.

The Teckel are very perceviring and robust dogs and will keep going even if it is a long and difficult track even if it is aged. They are excellent swimmers if they need to cross water they will keep going.

They are fearless and brave dogs.

Our dachshunds at work
Blood tracking dog