Standard Wire Haired Working Teckel

Blood Tracking Dogs

The males are all from Germany or descendants of German dogs, they are muscular and strong with big solid bones.
Hunting instinct are very developed and they respect the DTK standards.
Excellent Blood Tracking Dogs all PRA, NCL, OI free

Claus-Rooster von der Widen Hartz

      Claus is presently in Germany for training to get his German titles to be a certified versatile dog (Vp) before coming to Canada. He is from an exceptional line of working German dogs. His parents are;


   SIR: Iltis vom Lubowsee: LJS 2014, DtJCh 2014, DtJCh-VDH 2014, WUT-JCh 2014, LS 2015,
Sp/J 2. Preis, Italien-Inter-Vp 2. Preis, Italien-SchwhK 2. Preis, Italien-BhFK95 1. Preis, Italien-Fbja 1. Preis, BhFK95/J bestanden, ESw/J bestanden, BhN/F verliehen, SchwhN verliehen


   DAM: Walküre von der Bismarck-Eike: WUT-WorkCh 2020, I-ACh2022, BhFK/95/J, BhN(F), BhN(W), ESw/J, SauN, SchwhK/J, SchwhK, SchwhK/40/J, SchwhK/40, SchwhKF/J, SfK, Sp, StiJ, VpoSp/J, IntVp/J., Wa.T


  Claus at 5 months, the minimum age allowed got his title for duck retrieving for water (Wa.T)


   He will be with us in early 2024 and will be a great addition to the vom Branche kennel.


wire haired dachshund
wire haired dachshund
Dachshund duck retrieving certificat

These are pictures

the parents of Claus-Rooster

working wire haired dachshund
German wire haired working Teckel
blood tracking Teckel

Québec aus der Preusenmeute

  Quebec is a wire haired Tecke that was imported from Germany from great hunting lines.

He got a lot of deer and moose recoveries being a great tracker. 

His semen was collected and frozen at his prime for future generations.

Blood tracking Teckel
standard wire-haired dachshund
deer recovery dog