Standard Wire Haired Working Teckel

Blood Tracking Dogs

Litters 2024


Puppies receive Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI)

Stimulate the olfactory & neurological systems resulting in early proficiency and improved performance over what would normally occur without intervention.
Improved heart rate, stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, and greater disease resistance.


The next DTK litter (still taking a few reservations for active and serious trackers ONLY, not pets).

Pups should be born at the end of summer. Both parents were imported from Germany, they are DTK Teckels and were certified as quality breeding dogs, tested for genetic diseases, DNA profiled, and evaluated for temperament, conformation, etc. 

 SIR: Claus-Rooster von der wilden Hatz imported from Germany in February 2024. He is an International versatile hunting dog.

At 5 months old pass the Wa.T. (duck retrieving from water)

At 8 months old got a very promising BIS in a specialty with 20 dogs. 

At 9 months old he got a perfect score of 100 for Spurlaut (voice pursuit on rabbit).

GS 23 Claus-Rooster was presented in Dortmund, Germany at the Herbstsieger exhibition.

was rated V1 CACIB/J, CAC/J VDH, CAC/J, therefore: VDH Autumn Youth Winner 2023.

Hegotalso BhN(W). For the Zuchtschau (conformation) he received a V for Excellent which is the highest score possible

Claus-Rooster did fantastic in Italy in October 2023:

Tracking: Schwpor 100, 2 x SchwhK 100

Fox: Bhfk95 100 


DAM: Harvest Moon vom Bützer Berg is another excellent Blood Tracking Dog with moose and deer recoveries 


Wire hared puppy litter announcement
Puppies for tracking

  *A litter is due in early March 2024, all pups are spoken for, and the stud is a WUT (Welt Union Teckel)  World Working Teckel Champion of 2019.

SIR:Abel vom Sauacker.                     

International versatile working Champion with a long list of working titles: WUT-WorkCH 2019, GS 2020, C.I.T. International Working Champion 2021, LS 2022 B-Int.Vp, BHP-G, BHPS-G, BhFK/95, BhN(F), ESw,I-BhFK, H- SchwhK,H-Wat, NL-SchwhK, SchwhK, SchwPoR, SchwhK/40, Sfk, Sp, Sp/J, St, St/J, Swl/-, VDH/BH/VT, VpoSp, Wa.t., WaS, GTB.24/2020 

Able de Sauacker FCI is the winner in 2023 for the federal tracking test with his handler Mrs Agnes Bendik-Dijksha congratulations. They will also be the representing Team for the Europe FCI Cup in November 2023 for The Netherlands. 

International Working Champion Teckel
Versatil hunting dog
Recovery for young dachshund


SIR: Able vom Sauacker (see title above) 

DAM: Ma Chérie d'Amour vom Branche daughter of GCH Québec aus der Preusenmeute x GCH Hamburg vom Ringshof FCI