Standard Wire Haired Working Teckel

Blood Tracking Dogs

Litters 2024


Puppies receive Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI)


Stimulate the olfactory & neurological systems resulting in early proficiency and improved performance over what would normally occur without intervention.
Improved heart rate, stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease.


*The first litter should be in February 2024. Both parents were imported from Germany, they are DTK Teckels and were certified as quality breeding dogs when they were old enough, tested for genetic deseases, DNA profiled, evaluated for temperament, conformation etc. 

This is a repeat breeding, previous puppies are Blood Tracking Dogs across the USA and Canada. We like so much these puppies that we decided to do it again. 


 SIR: CGH Quebec aus der Preusennemeur, is a well known Blood Tracking Dog in Quebec province. He did many recoveries of deer and moose, that without him would never have been found.  Imported from Germany in 2012 he comes from a well known old hunting line " vom Ahlshensee ".


DAM: Harvest Moon vom Bützer Berg is another excellent Blood Tracking Dog with moose and deer. 


Wire hared puppy litter announcement
Certified parents by DTK
Puppies for tracking

  *The second litter should be born in April and puppies would be ready to go to new homes around June or July 2024. It will be an exceptional litter, the stud being a WUT (Welt Union Teckel)  World Working Teckel Champion of 2019.

SIR:Abel vom Sauacker.


International versatile working Champion with a long list of working titles: WUT-WorkCH 2019, GS 2020, C.I.T. International Working Champion 2021, LS 2022 B-Int.Vp, BHP-G, BHPS-G, BhFK/95, BhN(F), ESw,I-BhFK, H- SchwhK,H-Wat, NL-SchwhK, SchwhK, SchwPoR, SchwhK/40, Sfk, Sp, Sp/J, St, St/J, Swl/-, VDH/BH/VT, VpoSp, Wa.t., WaS, GTB.24/2020 


Able de Sauacker FCI is the winner in 2023 for the federal tracking test with his handler Mrs Agnes Bendik-Dijksha congratulations. They will also be the representing Team for the Europe FCI Cup in November 2023 for The Netherlands. 



International Working Champion Teckel
Versatil hunting dog
Recovery for young dachshund
the best small breed for versatile hunting

DAM: Kayleigh vom Branche

 Her father: Troll von Velbert FCI: BhN(M), BhFK95/j, BhN(D), BhN(M), ESw, F-BhFK, PL-Int.BhFK, SchwhK, Sfk, Sp/J, StiJ, St, IntVp/J, WaT, SauN/DIR, Stij/DIR, LS (2010), KJS (2009), D-JCH (2009), D-JCH (2009), SG (2009) 

   Her mother: GCH Hamburg vom Ringshof FCI: SchwhK, Sfk, BHP3, Wa.T

Kayleigh is an excellent tracking female from proven German working lines.