Blood tracking dogs

Vom Branche dachshunds (Teckels) have been chosen for the hunting capacity and their ancestors back grounds in hunting.
They have the right conformation to do their job in the woods and a great nose.
Teckel are very perseverant and agile dogs even if they are small dogs. They are use to track deer, moose and bear.
Vom Branche is a certified breeder form Germany DTK (Teckel Club of Germany) 

Blood tracking dogs : are dogs that have been educated to find wounded big games: deer, moose, and bear.

The European lines of Teckels already have it in their genetic they were breed for hunting. They have been used from generation to generations to find big games.

The expression “Blood tracking” is used but to recover big games, the dog doesn’t need blood to track. To do a recovery the dog will pick up the smell or combinations of smells from the hoof, hair, the glands etc.

The teckel are very perceiving and robust dogs and will keep going even if it is on a long track and difficult. They are excellent swimmers if they need to cross water the will keep going. They are fearless and brave dogs.

Teckel recoveries on deer:

blood tracking dog on deer      Blood tracking dog on deer      chien de sang      blood tracking dog

Teckel recoveries on moose:
Blood tracking on moose    blood tracking om moose  Dachshund blood tracking moose

Teckel recoveries on bear:
    dachshund on bear tracking   Dachshund blood tracking   Bear recovery outfitter    chien de sang sur ours

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