Boarding Kennel


In 2010 the kennel was built specially to board dogs.
On a property of 27 acres your dogs will have a lot of room to run and play.
A small boarding to be able to give your dog the attention and time it deserved.

If you would like to come and visit please call 819-679-2038


Heated building built in 2010 specifically to board dogs only, each dogs are kept in runs 6’ X 6’ or 6’ X 7’ with acrylic walls for sanitary reason. The run are disinfected after each dog departure
The runs are big enough for owners that have more than one dog to stay together.

Outside runs

Large individual runs 6’ X 12’ protected from rain and sun.
The kennel is built on the top of a hill, the dogs can enjoy a good wind during the warm and humid summer days and stay cool.



The dogs are taken outside for a walk and run with a 10 m lunge 5 times a day on 27 acres of wood and field.
The dogs are not mix with other dog from different owner. That avoids stress and fight among dogs and spreading of diseases if any are dormant.
The poop is pick up right after the dogs evacuate to avoid ground contamination and spread of parasites which that can live in and on the grounds for years if not remove aas soon as possible





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