Vom Branche Kennel

Vom Branche is a breeder of Standard Wire Haired Teckel (Dachshund) from European hunting lines specialized in producing excellent blood tracking dogs and make wonderful house companion.

The puppies are born and raised in the house until the leave for the new home after they have been introduced to tracking for recovering big game.

Vom Branche also offer the service for blood tracking dog to recover big games (deer, moose, bear)

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Why choose Vom Branche?

Our passion for wire-haired Teckels


Member of the following Clubs

Vom Branche breed for quality, not quantity. Vom Branche dogs are from German lines form excellent hunting Teckels. All puppies are from certified parents from the DTK (German Teckel Club). The genetic tests have been done and all our dogs are PRA, NCL, OI free which means none are a carrier or affected by the diseases. It is then impossible for the puppies to have the diseases.

Wire Teckels are used for tracking big games either deer, moose, or bear that hunter hit but couldn’t find. No blood needed for the dog to do the work.

Puppies from vom Branche Kennel are tracking blood in Canada and the USA (TX, OR, AL, MI, WI, LA, FL, IL, MA, MI, TN, MD NH OH) for individuals or outfitters. The puppies have made their proof in recovering big games and are excellent trackers. Referrals are available from clients.

  • DTK: Deutscher Teckel KlubNATC
  • North American Teckel Club
  • CTEC: Club Teckel de l'Est du Canada
  • ACCSQ:Association Conducteurs de Chiens de Sang du Québec
  • UTB: United Blood Trackers
  • CKC: Club Canin Canadien

Boarding Kennel

The boarding kennel is located on 27 acres of wood and land, in the Eastern Township in Maricourt just a couple of minutes from Valcourt. Dogs have plenty of space to run and play.

Each dog has its own run, not cage they are 6’ X 6’ or 6’ X 7’ inside the kennel or 6’ X 12’ outside. They are taken out individually 5 times a day for a walk on a lunge

Nos teckels au travail

first deer recovery by puppy at 19 weeks old chien de sangchien de sang sur oursBlood Tracking dachshund deer recovery in TNBlood tracking recovery by 11,5 weeks old wire haired puppy
Chien de sang pour ours Pourvoiries des Monts-Valin du Archerchien de sang sur piste de 7,5 km bear tracking with wire haire dachshund in MIchien de sang sur orignalDaniel Gilbert film chasse et pêche retrouvé a 7 km par Chill Out vom Branche aka Happy



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